(Deutsch) Braucht man in Australien ein Autonavi?

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(Deutsch) Great Ocean Road: Die bekannteste Straße Australiens

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(Deutsch) Work & Travel: Arbeiten und Reisen in Down Under

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Nachtrag Barramundi angeln

As the Barramundi is a widely unknown fish in Germany I now refer to the question which we were asked so many times. So I got some information about it on Wikipedia: Continue reading »


Nachtrag zu “Staircase to the moon”

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Heimflug mit Schwierigkeiten

There was not much time left in Cairns so we returned to our hotel after a short city trip and an iced coffee. We had packed our bits and pieces already in the morning so we checked out and took the airport shuttle bus to Cairns airport.

This time the security checks at the airport were particularly rigid and I was not allowed to take my toothpaste tube in my hand baggage. It obviously contained only a small rest toothpaste, perhaps enough for brushing my teeth 4 to 5 more times – but the tube itself once contained 125ml instead of the allowed 100 ml! I am so relieved that they noticed! Now I feel a lot safer! The really bad terrorists can do no harm because they cannot smuggle toothpaste!

After my baggage had been scanned the discussion started – I had a 2g tube of Bepanthen nose and eye ointment(used) and it was not stuffed in a resealable plastic bag, and that counts as liquids or gels, too. The fact that I had been flying to Australia and within Australia with it did not count and the moment came when I had to part company with another piece of my stuff.  Really irritated we went on to the gate, ate a little something and wanted to get on the plane. I was just about to enter the gangway when the JetStar staff noticed that my hand luggage looked somehow heavy (Well, I guess it was…). He lifted it up and just said: “Way too heavy!”. Fortunatly I was allowed to get out what I needed for the flight and then I was told that it had to be checked in, as it was too heavy for being allowed to fly in the passenger cabin. I only took the laptop computer with me and said to myself, that travelling just became easier…

After a couple of hours in the plane we reached Singapore and because we had plenty of time waiting for our next flight to Frankfurt, we wanted to try the free wireless Internet access at Singapore airport. In theory that is quite easy, you just have to register once and get a password sent to you per SMS. So I grabbed my mobile phone – no not really, my phone was gone! I desperatly tried to remember whether I took it with me after I had discussed in vain with the scanning line staff in Cairns. I just could not remember.

I could not have a look whether I put it in my hand luggage as that was on its way to Frankfurt! So we just took Stähler’s phone and I will probably be enlightened in Frankfurt whether my mobile is still in Cairns or whether I put it in my bag…


2. Tauchtag, Great Barrier Reef

The second day onboard the Kangaru Explorer started early: at 5:30 am the wake up call for the morning dive reached our ears – and because I wanted to make it worthwile I decided to go out snorkeling, too. In additon I wanted to try out the underwater video camera that I rented in Cairns. As yesterday had been my first time ever snorkeling I had not wanted to take the underwater camera with me yesterday. But today I felt secure enough to try.

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1. Tauchtag, Great Barrier Reef

At 8 o’clock sharp the calling service of Cairns Dive Center picked us up to our 2 days diving trip. The nice driver with a swiss accent took us to the CDC office where we settled the papers and our first briefing referring to the crossing to the Kanguru Explorer, our ship for the next two days.

The crossing included some problems. Stähler took drugs against seesickness because he already has known that he could get problems. So I have never had any problems with sailing but I have to say that was a big error. I had control so far when the English began to open a competition of puking. I had doubts of keeping felling fine. So … I did the same – the old trick watching the horizon certainly helped me.

Arriving on board we were welcomed by a kind crew and a short time later we were on our first diving trip. In all we got three diving trips inclusive two snorcle trips. And – the word is small – we met Christina and Nils on the ship who we met already in Coober Pedy.

Among the diving courses we saw a shark, a stingray and a sea turtle.

In the evening I closed that day with interesting conversations with the kind couple from England and some crew members.


In Cairns kann man leben…

Quite exhausted we arrived at Cains, asking for a shuttle service at the airport and after guaranteed 10-15 minutes that looked like rather than a half to three-quarter hour according to my watch the Shuttle Service arrived which carried us to our hotel, the Bay Village Tropical Retreat. We had a break and decided to discover Cains. Along the Esplanade we set out for the City Center and shortly after we noticed that Cains is a place on which you can bear up. Along the Esplanade there are everywhere small placed to have a break with public, gas grill for free on which you can prepare your barbecue. After a while you pass by a public outdoor swimming pool that is for everyone for free.

As we were hungry we ordered something to eat in the first restaurant that ran into. When we have the meal on the table in a wonderful atmosphere and after a bit of time when we ater in a real café we noticed that this meal was a really bad. At least we filled up reasonably but that was the only advantage.

On the way home to the hotel we were passing a Didgeridoo-shop and than we thought of buying a CD with authentic music of the Aboriginals. We began talking to the shopkeeper who was married with a german and who didn’t know Nuremberg but more of Erlangen. A chat and some minutes later we were right in the middle of our first Didgeridoo practice lesson. After a while the first sounds which sounded like Didgeridoocame off the instrument. After a while we succeeded to breath the complicated circular breath and we decided to buy the Didge how the Australians say.

Then we got a real meal for two times fish and Chips for one price and this time really good!

And so we had free time having another lesson in playing Didgeridoo…


Car return and Darwin airport

As we had time to return the car in Darwin we decided to visit the museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. The museum offers a good presented natural-historical part much of Aboriginal art and an interesting part of the Cyclon Tracey. Bill Bryson described impressed the Cyclon in his book “breakfast with kangaroos.” For example there is a small room which is pitch-dark and in which you listen at full blast to original recording of the storm which went through Darwin by disturbing completely the whole city. So I am glad to leave the museum undamaged.

As we had time left we went to the East Point but we decided not to visit the military museum because the time was limited and because we aren’t fans of military things.

So we went on to the partner shop of TCC that transact the return of the car. After a long faithful service we had to return our Toyota Land Cruiser. It took us 8442 kilometres through Australia: Often on tarred streets but often on rough ways – always reliable but guzzling a lot of gas. We needed 15l/100km on average…

We had some nostalgia because the main part of our Australian journey, the trip through the Outback now came to an end.

The kind employee of the car company checked all out and then we went to the airport which became our home for the next hours because our flight went on just at 1:40. We profit the time to title some of our numerous photos and to end writing one of former blogarticles and in addition to this wasting time with waiting is very boring.

At some point in the evening the moment had arrived and our keep-the-passenger-all-the-night-awake-flight over Brisban to Cairns started.