Australienabenteuer 2008

Achteinhalbtausend Kilometer durchs Outback


December 2022

Return the car and Darwin airport

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As we had time to return the car in Darwin we decided to visit the museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. The museum offers a good presented natural-historical part much of Aboriginal art and an interesting part of the Cyclon Tracey. Bill Bryson described impressed the Cyclon in his book “breakfast with kangaroos.” For example there is a small room which is pitch-dark and in which you listen at full blast to original recording of the storm which went through Darwin by disturbing completely the whole city. So I am glad to leave the museum undamaged.

As we had time left we went to the East Point but we decided not to visit the military museum because the time was limited and because we aren’t fans of military things.

So we went on to the partner shop of TCC that transact the return of the car. After a long faithful service we had to return our Toyota Land Cruiser. It took us 8442 kilometres through Australia: Often on tarred streets but often on rough ways – always reliable but guzzling a lot of gas. We needed 15l/100km on average…

We had some nostalgia because the main part of our Australian journey, the trip through the Outback now came to an end.

The kind employee of the car company checked all out and then we went to the airport which became our home for the next hours because our flight went on just at 1:40. We profit the time to title some of our numerous photos and to end writing one of former blogarticles and in addition to this wasting time with waiting is very boring.

At some point in the evening the moment had arrived and our keep-the-passenger-all-the-night-awake-flight over Brisbane to Cairns started.